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Rev. Dr. Andrew Lovins

Andrew was elected at the end of December, 2016. Born and raised in St. Charles, Andrew has been in ministry for twenty plus years.

He enjoys Cardinal baseball, Packer’s football, hot jazz, and good books. He combines Christian spirituality with humor and engaging storytelling.

Andrew holds a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching and Leadership. He is a member of the Academy of Parish Clergy.

A Message From Rev. Lovins

It was such a joy to confirm four of our students the previous Sunday. What grabbed me most was how important it is that we make commitments to God and each other. Every relationship is built on trust, and trust is maintained and strengthened by keeping the promises we have made.

Most of us know the disappointment of a broken promise. Whether it’s the end of a relationship, a broken vow, or a friend not following through on what they said they would do, joining actions to words is essential for cementing bonds.

Four students made promises last Sunday to grow as Christian disciples, to offer their time, gifts, and resources to advance the mission of God. Perhaps they did not fully comprehend what they were saying but, as adults, we do.

Perhaps the best way we can help our students to follow through on their commitments is to follow through on our own. We must lead by example, demonstrating that God is not something we tack onto our life whenever we feel like it. Martin Luther once said, “Show me where a person spends their time and money and I’ll show you their God.”

God is life. We show our realization of this basic truth by offering to God the “first fruits” of our time and resources (Pr 3:9). By remaining faithful we enjoy the increase of our faith and participate in God’s mission of reconciling love.

This summer, make a pledge to enhance your spiritual life. Give time to the reading of Scripture, quiet meditation, fellowship with others, and worship. Practice generosity and thankfulness. We are blessed to be a blessing (Gen 22:18).

In God’s Peace,
Rev Andrew

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