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Rev. Dr. Andrew Lovins

Andrew was elected at the end of December, 2016. Born and raised in St. Charles, Andrew has been in ministry for twenty plus years.

He enjoys Cardinal baseball, Packer’s football, hot jazz, and good books. He combines Christian spirituality with humor and engaging storytelling.

Andrew holds a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching and Leadership. He is a member of the Academy of Parish Clergy.

A Message From Rev. Lovins

What would you think if you walked into a local restaurant and saw me over in the corner, menu in hand, eating the menu? You’d likely think I need an intervention. “We’ve driven our pastor to the asylum.” We are supposed to eat food, not menus that describe the food.

Many are less than robust in their faith because they are eating the menu. When spiritual life consists of reading books, hearing sermons, and praying memorized prayers, with little action to put muscle on the bone, we are eating the menu. The purpose of worship and study is that we may be equipped for good works. God envisions that we will take what we have heard, processed, and digested, and use it as fuel to serve others in love.

I would not understand the Bible very well if I didn’t have to preach and teach it every Sunday. There is something about having to put the Gospel to work that makes it come alive in my soul. The same principle applies to each of us. God has a ministry for every baptized child of God. Your baptism was your call and consecration to ministry. It’s why we invoke the presence of the Spirit each time we apply the waters of baptismal grace to the brow of a newborn or adult who has come to spiritual awakening.

Awakening! I like that word. We need an awakening in the church. An awakening to service, deeds offered to each other in love. To build spiritual muscle, we can’t just eat the menu. We need food, and we need something to do. There is plenty for you to do at Friedens. Don’t wait around for lightning to strike, find a need and fill it. If you see something that needs doing, don’t wait for somebody else to respond, God is speaking to you. You have my permission to serve, to follow your calling, to do God’s will. Your spiritual health depends on it.

Enclosed is the Time and Talent sheet for 2018. Please fill it out and make a commitment to living your faith in the new year. I know you can do it. God believes in you and so do I.


Rev Lovins

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