Friedens UCC is a church alive with the Spirit and love of God.  At Friedens you will have many opportunities to know, love, follow and serve Jesus Christ. This is what we believe and strive for every Sunday and all week long through our ministry in God’s holy name.

What is the Tradition of Totenfest?”

Totenfest is a German word that means “Feast of the Dead” or “Festival for the Dead.” It was established in 1816 by Prussian Emperor Fredrick William III as a day to remember that nation’s soldiers who had died in the recently concluded Prussian War. It became an important observance in the Evangelical Church in Prussia (established by the same emperor in 1817) as a day to remember not only the war dead, but also church members who had died in the previous year. It was observed on the last Sunday of the church year. On November 23, we will be celebrating Totenfest during our Sunday worship services. We will remember our loved ones who have passed into eternal life AND we will celebrate those baptized into a life of faith over the past year. If someone in your family should be remembered/honored this Totenfest, then please call or email the church office and we will include them in our prayers that Sunday.

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