Our Church Leaders

How can you discover your gifts for ministry? You may be feeling that God is calling yout to a particular ministry, or you may be unsure about your gifts for ministry.  Since it is the role of the church and its leaders to under gird the ministry of its members by nurturing faith, calling forth gifts, and equipping members for Christian service, you are encouraged to speak to your pastor, a council or staff member, or a trusted member at Friedens (or your faith community).  Through ministry to others in Jesus’ name you will find everlasting joy, peace, love, and life which is only found in God’s kingdom.

Our Church Staff

Senior Pastor – Rev. Andrew Lovins
Office Manager – Pam Bryant
Organist  – Peggy Williams
Accompanist – Ned Quest
Accompanist – Susie Rowan
Bell Choir Director – Bill Petersmeyer
Chancel Choir Director – Guy Schreck
Praise Band Director – Susie Rowan

Our 2021 Church Council

Elected for a 3 years term, these members who serve on council help lead, manage, and guide our ministries and our members into greater service and faith.
Katie Moreau – President
Derrick Moreau – Vice-President
Karen Gentry – Treasurer
Glenda Buxton – Secretary
Bill Tappmeyer
David Avis
Rebecca Klinginsmith
Kim Moeller
Heather Schutte
Tony Wilbas

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